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Solidarity Respect and Vision


Finding ways of expression

Radical Imagination Project - Why we work

Answears and solutions not brush offs

Reconnecting and changing the language of politics to mean what we do, not what is done to us.

Radical Imagination - Thinking S.M.A.R.T.

Consumerism and the culture of Waste 

If we are working to win things which we hope is the plan. Our work needs to be Systematic. Measurable. Achievable. Repeatable. and Transferable.

The Radical Imagination And The Grass Roots

Changing the master slave dynamic

Building self determined communities, building models and working for a movement for change means tackling the deep based building work needing done in working class communities.

and technology

Before we are to do anything and share ideas we need to be able to communicate. And if freedom is our goal we will encourage Open Source and Free Software to put out our message 

Open Source

Open the Source to Everyone

The Free Software Foundation

Richard Stallman and the free society

The lady with the big heart

Freedom in my heart and everywhere

What is Open Source - for beginners

More than just computers

Open Source in practice

Community awareness project

Open Source - Easy as pi

Answears and solutions not brush offs

Radical Imagination Project at Kinning Park Complex - Learning to run computers without having to spend hundreds of pounds. As well as educating yourself as part of the technological revolution.

Radical Imagination - Open Source Hardware.

Consumerism and the culture of Waste 

Looking at Open Source hardware as an anti austerity measure. Useful tools for our communities particularly our vulnerable members.

Opening The Source to free software - Install Day at KPC

Changing the master slave dynamic

Radical Imagination project at Kinning Park Complex - Learning to run computers without having to spend hundreds of pounds. As well as educating yourself as part of the technological revolution..


Helping to open the source to resources that have been secreeted and lost from view
by the rentier, landlords and the state





We will be out and about around Document over the weekend.
Watch out for our trailer (only it is on wheels)

We will be at the Electron Club at the CCA
during Document 2017 film festival

Over the Document film festival the Radical Imagination Project will be having discussion workshops at the Electron Club, at the Centre for Contemporary Arts. The purpose of the workshops is to promote the launch of our new website and to inspire in ourselves and others a reawakening of the radical imagination.


We are looking for disguarded laptops

Democracy is a conversation

THURSDAY 19 Oct.  7:00 9:00
Intro to the work of the Radical Imagination Project
Electron club CCA

Find out what the re-imagined project is about. The discussion will include current and future projects and what we hope to achieve from our work. We will be laying out avenues of participation, with a view to engaging new collaborators in the dialogue towards solutions to community based engagement in problem solving.

FRIDAY 20 Oct  1:00 4:00
Tools against austerity. Open Source tools we can use to increase open 
Electron club CCA

Tools for talking, social libraries, servers, free computers, free software, solar power, home devices, Our ideas compared with the Gov’s on solar energy and Open Source, The need for an Open Government, to deal with questions of landlords, developers, corruption, sanctions, disincentives, poverty, debt, suicide, asylum, And all of the barriers that prevent ordinary folk from “having a decent life”

Saturday  21 Oct. 7:00 9:00
Q and A Conversation on ideas around what is stopping us!
Electron club CCA

What are the barriers?  What stops participation? What would encourage  more? Where are the mentors for our young. How do folk get started. The obsession with ownership? The obsession with things? The baby boomers revolution what happened to them? Inter-generational collaboration?  How do we get folk to invest in public life, for the sake of our youth, future generations and the common good and our own sense of purpose. We have some ideas around this and you probably have to. 

Sunday 22 Drop-in Drop-out All Day 
Electron club CCA

Weather permitting we will be bouncing about with our wheelchair trailer decked out in LED signage and getting on the street to talk to folk about the common good and whatever else turns up.  Meet at the CCA for some general chat and a cup of tea and to find out more.. You will notice us there will be flashing lights:) and a filming crew. Ask at desk where  you can find us. 


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