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There are a ton of groups and individuals working on all sorts of
projects out there. Do you ever wonder what they have in common? Are
there coherent strands to this work, broader aims, coalitions, a bigger
picture that directs any of this work?

If there is: Do you think its a good idea that it is carried out on
Facebook? How do you reach out to a whole section of the population who
do not use or have access or no interest in Facebook? Do you think the
expanding of the, not for profit industrial complex, is helping to
maintain the status quo? Do you think the Universal basic income might
be something that could help free up the minds of those at the bottom
rungs of society to allow them to be more innovative in building
solutions and understanding of their own problems?

Have you ever wondered: Why most people who go under the term activist,
are always to busy, and that many ordinary folk are sitting at home
wondering what they should do? Is representative democracy working? What
are we winning by it? Do you think we are obsessed with what technology
can do and forgotten what it can’t do? Why are we informed by and
consider through the news, the plight of the poor, the asylum seeker,
the mentally ill, the destitute, the unemployed, and never meet any of them?

What are the questions you would ask? Not just about the problems, but
more about the solutions. Not just about the struggle but about our
place within it. Not just about solving how to survive in the
system, but striving for practical solutions for changing it?

And the biggest question of all: How do we connect all this random
activity to keeping the planet livable in the long term for human
beings? If ever there was a time for convergence towards a collective
idea it is now. If ever there was a time to put aside petty slights and
find common ground it is now. If ever there was a time to put aside
absolutes and to deal with pragmatic questions in the here-and-now, it
is now. If ever there was the need to engage in a common project with an
overarching narrative. it is now. If ever there was a time to engage in
sensible conversation it is now. Don’t you think?


Radical Imagination 2017

Making news Building vision