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It's not what you do but the way that you do it.


Pragmatism: the quality of dealing with a problem in a sensible way that suits the conditions that really exist, rather than following fixed theories, ideas, or rules: Basically to take each situation on its own merits and figure out a sensible way forward. Cambridge dictionary

There are no easy answers to anything. Each issue brings its own unique problems, even when carrying out what seems a simple enough task. And each tactic has a sell by date and diminishing returns. They do not last forever. i.e. Doing the same thing over and over expecting something different to happen may not be the best way forward. Not to be confused with being persistent in some cases though.

Taking a pragmatic approach to things can be time consuming, seem boring, embarrassing, compromising, direction-changing and does not always fit in nicely with theories an preconceptions. A pragmatic approach looks at what needs to be done first rather than dwelling on absolutes. It is not the. Wait to everything is in place before we do anything idea. But what needs done first

"There is nothing more terrible than activity without insight." -Thomas Carlyle

People enter activism at different stages, ideas and understanding. It is important that we paint ourselves into the picture. Where do we want to be and do, how can we work with each other in challenges we can agree upon. And again in this we also have to remind ourselves we once didn’t know, when we are explaining things to others. 

In a busy precarious world there is less time for activism. Time is precious and the need to use it properly is very important. It would make a pragmatic approach to meetings and working together all the more important. 

If we are to progress effectively It’s not about doing what we want, because we like it. But about each taking on some of the work that will combine into building the bigger picture. And asking what needs done first and doing it.