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Ways of organising


Activity Learning Fun - Systematic Measurable Achievable Repeatable Transferable

Alf Smart is a handy way of thinking about ideas and getting a bit of order into what we are doing. 

This project is about pointing towards methods of winning things. To do this we need systems in which to organise and  measure our progress of our goals in the short term and importantly in the longer term. This is one of the many ways this can be done


We should be always be creating action through a variety of ideas and activities to keep a flow of energy and involvement of different age groups and experience.


Acting like a butterfly flitting from bloom to bloom trying things out. Looking at different ideas. Tasting everything, asking questions, making enquiries, looking for things to happen - Learning through activity


Humour and fun particularly in trying times is the best anecdote to group wilt and refreshing energy. Much of the important work in groups, we will term as as “doing the dishes”, can be boring. Without fun how do we get through life?


The importance of being systematic is about managing resources, so we can have a map of where we are going, a path towards our goals. And documenting the process so that we can measure success and failure


Measuring use of time and the documented process


There are various levels of success and failure. This will allow you to see if your documented process can be progressed to repeatable


If the same process can be repeated to another task or activity we then have a workable process to transfer to other activities.


Failure to have a successful process transferable to another group or individual would require reassessment of the documented process.


This process is to save time and effort in the long run, so that time saved can be used for more creative pursuits rather than transferring time costly failure.

When we try new things we often fail so we need to learn from these mistakes.

When we document a process this would include successes and failures of our collaborators when trying to achieve a standard operating procedure (SOP) for different ideas in our freedom toolbox