Basic idea and principals

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There is much happening in this city of ours and elsewhere that is inspiring, worthy and if it is your need, to be proud of. Much of this work is in the field of cultural change and is of the utmost importance in establishing our history, traditions and of who we are. On the other hand there is a distinction between cultural change and institutional change. Cultural change may make peoples lives a bit better, but if we can’t change the institutions, (banks, corporations and so on) that can intervene to undermine and roll back cultural change we can not progress. There are many ways to go about making this kind of change.

There are those of us who see voting and parliamentary, representative, democracy as a root to security, stability and social change. And there are those of us in the anti parliamentarian left who see other avenues that we feel may be more conducive to an ordinary persons route to enjoyment, creativity and living a decent life.

There are yet others, on both sides of the political spectrum, who are so puritanical that it renders them impotent to working on any kind of common ground, coalition force, or form of solidarity with others. This is not to say that all opinions are equal and carry the same merit, for they do not in this case. If it is about class struggle and grassroots, it’s about class struggle and grassroots. If we agree about everything it is not a coalition. Common Ground, is just that which we can work together on. Which will not always be the case, there is always judgments to be made.

But if we, those involved in progressive movements for change can not engage in the day to day struggles of ordinary people, can we expect to succeed in changing anything without them?

The radical imagination is abut “working together”. (A jaded term I know and one that is alluded to constantly and ignored in practice) But it is the most powerful weapon we have to stem the tide of those working together, to oppress and exploit us.

The one thing the institutions that control us fear most, is self determined communities. Self determination is about building a social base. A secure platform of solidarity understanding and vision of where we are going. It takes all kinds of people. No one has all of the answers. There is no reason we cannot succeed if we are honest and open about what we are trying to achieve.

The Radical Imagination project is about looking at organising and building collective cultural, social and political power that is capable of helping the work towards changing institutional power.

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