This will be a work in progress. But the following will give some idea of guiding principals for participation


• Folk interested in, or are part of building a movement for change.

• People interested in how we go about challenging and changing institutional power.

• Who believe the only way to change institutional power is working together.

• Who work outside of the influence of the party political system.

• Who understand politics proper, to mean how folk discuss things, come to conclusions consensually and act on them.

• Folk who are driven by a visions of social change whose views and fundamental principals are not influenced by funding.

• Who understand the principals of responsible leadership, as helping others to become responsible leaders.

• Are capable of supporting others and knowing when to stand back and let others get on with things.

• Who believe “just doing things” is not the way forward, but doing the right things at the right time is.

• Folk who understand the idea that we are all working on small details of the bigger picture.

• Who understand by working in a community, you have a responsibility to that community and working in its best interests.

• Folk who understand that what we think, may not be supportive, or what people need. That action should be approved by those we represent.

• Folk who have mentoring skills, and can explain things to people and engage with them in a sympathetic way.

• Who are educators and can help folk to articulate these kind of ideas within their own experience.

• Who may be interested in dealing with conflict resolution, explanation and understanding of aggrieved folks.

• Who are interested in preserving and critiquing a collective progressive memory of experience and learning.

• And who feel disconnected and frustrated by much inactivity or inappropriate activities that holds back progress.