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The lighting of fires

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire (WB Yeats) Into useful ideas 

Not so long ago further education used to be free and students subsidised, to ensure society had the some of the appropriate skill set and working class people had some opportunity to succeed in their chosen career path.

In contrast the neoliberal education policy today is to ensure each working class student anyway will leave further education with a debt of tens of thousands of pounds and lesser chances with the wrong post code or accent.

This type of education only leaves most students prepared for a world of debt and slavery. 

The education system is as much to do with managing boredom. Look at how kids run away from the school as fast as possible when it is finished. Knowledge is not intelligence, intelligence comes when knowledge is shaped into useful ideas. Knowledge is not wisdom wisdom is the application of interpreted knowledge. We do not teach interpretation, we teach to memorise a static set of facts. to pass an exam. 

In western societies human beings are being more highly educated and at increasing cost to acquire more knowledge, but they are then employed to do less. Pehr Gyllenhammar (Chief exec Volvo)

We need to return to an older fashioned education that was more to do with humanity rather than commercial exploitation. Not as an alternative but an imperative that we use real knowledge based in education and accountability towards the needs of our communities Not an education that learns us to to stand back and watch starving citizens in the que at the food bank or watch our government fund wars on the opinions of and for the benefits to fraudulent bankers and corporate hedge funds. Who are banking on and who constantly dependent on and rely on our failure for their business model to succeed. 

IWW New Education Workers Initiative: 

Aims and Principles