Get involved

• You can set up a meeting to discuss this project – or your own project, group etc.   See list below:booksa4 copy

• Have you an interest in Free University, Place based learning, or like to know more?

• What is it you need to learn? What would be useful to you, your neighbourhood.

• What can you teach others? Everything from making plates of soup, hands on skills, research, photography, writing…

• Interest in mentoring young people? Young people are part of our commons helping them to develop in any way helps the community

• On going work connecting with others. What is being done out there that we can collaborate and share in?

• Organising and teaching organising skills.

• Labour exchange. Helping out with one off projects or tasks to accommodate time restrictions.

• Communication skills, computers. We all have them but few know how to use them. Bring open source and research technology, to the communities that need them?

• Tell us what you do and we can suggest how you can use your skills or general help. CONTACT page

Further reading

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