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Common Good - Community fairs to arms fairs

Further business creep on the commons. "The Common Good Fund"

 Banking education v place based education 

"In a "banking" type of environment, a classroom is structured such that the primary duty of students is to remember and accurately recall the information provided by the instructor.

 Knowledge is not enough. 

It is a choice of the capitalist default model, or what we want the world to look like and transforming how we think


This is what journalism should look like

T.R.I.P. on Big Night In - Vidio Starts 19:42

May Day Project - Reconnecting working class institutions

Our Story

Understanding power lll


for the common good

The Tardis Project

The Tardis Project, will consist of the building of a Dr Who type police box. (Peace Box) In it will be installed a variety of activities that will range from performance, music, arts, as well as (Low voltage) electronic and computer projects that will make noise and light.

Video Page

A selection of videos from the collection.

Radical Imagination Technology learning  

Harnessing Technology for the public commons


Critical education often comes under a variety of different names, including; "critical pedagogy" and "popular education". After some thought we have chosen the term "critical education", because we feel that it is the most accessible. Here is CAMINAS expression of it. (Video)

Money v Life values - Your choice

Exploitation  dignity    centralized control  democratic decision making    commodifcation  sacredness    privatization  the global commons    corporatization  collective responsibility    shareholders  stakeholders    output  throughput    disposable  renewable    mechanistic models organic models    information wisdom    productivity prosperity    consumers citizens    spectator  participant    global economy local economies    extraction restoration    monoculture diversity transferrable wealth replenishable wealth    property ecosystem    alienation from nature earth centered values    absentee landlordism stewardship    ecological illiteracy biocentrism    proxy decision making real democracy    short term gain sustainability    narrow economic indicators full cost accounting    artifcial scarcity abundance    inequitable distribution economic justice    corporate rule global justice    empire community    The System systemic change       
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Helping to open the source to resources that have been secreted and lost from view
by the rentier, landlords and the state




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