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Laptop  challenge Freedom technology. STEAM powered Technology


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Environmental monitoring

Weatherstation, Architecture as a social sciences, Bad building syndrome

home hub

Protection for the vulnerable. Voice control. Energy saving. Economics of environment, and environmental protection.

The Critical Connections

STEAM powered Tardis project

Our summer project designed to encourage technology through creativity  MORE

Social sunday repair cafe 11:00 3:00 

Rad-Tech is around Kinning Park on Sundays Messing with computers phones, raspberry pi's coding, open source, setting up servers fixing things. MORE

Open Source buildings?

We are interested in commons of all sorts. We see no difference in land commons and Open Source technology. All part of the common good MORE

Digital libraries

We have been setting up digital library servers. The radical library and Radical Film Archive, at Kinning park. And perhaps one at the Social Centre soon. MORE

updates & ideas

Look out for out tech blog comming soon

Meet-Up at Kinning Park Sunday

Social Sundays at Kinnon Park Complex comprise of Making things, like clothes, drawings, paintings. Fixing things, Finding out about how things work, like computers, recycling, cycling, renewable energy, and lots of other things and feeding people. Radical Imagination Project are there from 11: till 3:00. See website for details 


Weather Stations

Checkout the links below to our weather stations.  The Renfrew Weather Station  The Kinning Park Complex Weather Station

10 june 2016

Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is a complex and controversial topic and is an important part of a free and open Internet. Enabling access, choice, and transparency of Internet offerings empowers users to benefit from full access to services, applications, and content available on the Internet. What does it mean? Look Here for a full explanation. Or here for a more straight forward explanation

10 june 2016