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Renfrew's Common Good Fund assets

The public maybe need to waken up regarding their common assets. Or else Johnny developer will snap them up for more luxury flats you can't afford. Don't wait for the council to default on their stewardship of your commons. Get them back into community use for the benefit of our youth and future generations, if not for yourself.


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Radical Imagination Project at Document 2017

Pretty badly attended at Electron maybe a mixture of venue, badly organised or lack of interest. Probably the later. However we can’t do everything. The few who did turn up we had some good ideas to collaborate on. We just need to wait and see if it can be done or how things pan out. 

Film Festival seemed to have done well though.

Workshops at Kinning Park going strong.

Free laptops are coming in and we are getting them out. Radical Book Archive going a treat. Looking for folk to help out there. One volunteer identified on Sunday yippee. Drop in and drop out to find out what is happening in the world of radical tech KP 11:00 till 3:00. (Don’t forget any old laptops you can bring)

Living Rent 

The Living Rent, campaign to build a union of tenants is going good, and if you haven’t joined it yet you must be one of the minuscule group of people happy with the cost of their rent. It is said if bread prices had risen at the same pace as rent a loaf of bread would now cost £19. If you need a projection of where rents will be going if there is no resistance. Do a search mentioning, London Rent rip off, to see what is heading our way. Fight for rent protected areas or prepare to be evicted when you can’t pay. That's it folks.

Big data

The real media network are making some nice wee videos called “Join the Dots” kind of explaining what is going on in the world of politics and finance, check them out. We have highlighted one on the website about “Big Data” the new oil. 

Like, they have our money, are in the process of destroying our natural resources to make more, what do they want next? Our data! 

Individuals can keep ahead of the game here using computers running open source software, which is free, rather than computers running proprietary software. Open Source can expose more about what the data robbers are up to, whereas proprietary softwares main job is to hide it. Our stolen data creates revenue for gigantic data-mining companies. Where is our share of the profits? Hah.