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Scottish Commons

Identifying, documenting and restoring Scottish Commons

Commonweal Working Papers are an ongoing series of leading research, analysis and discussion on Scottish Commons. 

Working Paper 1 

The History of Common Land in Scotland by Robin Callander 

January 2003 

123kb pdf 

An authoritative account of the history of common land in Scotland by the author of A Pattern of Landownership in Scotland 

Working Paper 2 

Crofters' (Smallholders) Common Grazings by David Reid 

January 2003 

87kb pdf 

A factual account of Crofters' Common Grazings in the Highlands of Scotland. 

Working Paper 3 

Common Land in Scotland. A brief overview by Andy Wightman, Robin Callander and Graham Boyd 

March 2004 

96kb pdf 

A critical account of how Scotland's commons were appropriated by private interests and how new approaches to community ownership are emerging to replace them.

Working Paper 4 

The Reiving of the Common Lands by Thomas Johnston 


114kb pdf 

A chapter from Johnston's History of the Working Classes of Scotland. It is a detailed historical account of how Scotland's commons were appropriated by private interests. 

Working Paper 5 

Common Good Land in Scotland. A review and critique by Andy Wightman and James Perman 

November 2005 

1.3Mb pdf 

The only national survey of Common Good Land in Scotland and a report which launched the debate on the future of Common Good Funds. 



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